Big Dance Pledge 2014

14 January 2014

Check out our dancing cabbies as they strutted their stuff on Edinburgh Castle esplanade this week. Our team of twinkle-toed cabbies have gamely taken up the challenge laid down for them by DanceBase, Get Scotland Dancing and Scottish Ballet to take up "The Big Dance Pledge" for 2014. 


Backed by Creative Scotland the intitiative aims to encourage everyone to get up, get active by doing something fun and get dancing! 

Central Taxis is the proud sponsor of DanceBase's Community Progamme that sees dance workshops made available to people who otherwise would not feel able to take part -  people of limited mobility, underprivileged children and elderly groups. It was this relationship that led to Central Taxis drivers getting the call up to get involved in "The Big Dance Pledge", ­illustrating that dancing is for everyone, no matter their age, size or experience and can be a really fun way to keep fit for people with sedentary jobs. 

Our 6 volunteers, Laura Lucas, Keith McCall, Kenny Galloway, Robert Jackson, Tony Kenmuir and Robert Jackson were put through their paces over a gruelling 8 weeks of lessons by DanceBase's Community Dance Manager Amy Noble who has said that all involved "have blown us away with what they have learned.”

Vice-chairman Tony Kenmuir volunteered and speaking of the experience he said  “They were looking for people with no experience, the more unfit the better – I wonder why they thought taxi drivers might fit the bill! Any self-consciousness pretty much melted away within the first five minutes and we’ve all gotten quite in to it. We even organised a couple of extra rehearsals at ­people’s houses so we could really try and get our moves down. Or as down as we’re going to get them. I won’t lie – we’re still far from perfect! But I think that’s the whole point – getting professionals to do it would defeat the purpose. This is about showing dance really is for absolutely everyone.”

Fellow member Keith McCall said “Tony told me about the project and I thought it sounded like an interesting thing to do, but I know from experience that I am a terrible dancer. But my wife encouraged me to go along, she said I might learn something. I doubt I’ll be winning any competitions soon!”

The group bravely delighted bystanders with their impromptu performance at Edinburgh Castle, with tourists and residents alike wanting to get in on the action and dancing alongside the team, which made for a really great day for all involved. 

Central member Stevie Valente, 50, throghouly enjoyed letting his inhibitions go and dancing for the crowds that gathered around the black taxi ensemble. Stevie said “I immediately agreed to get involved. It’s something different and interesting to do and I’m really enjoying it. I told my wife, but I kept it a secret from my daughters. I can’t wait to show them that their old dad can still surprise them!” Since the project began more Central Taxis staff, drivers and their families have started classes at DanceBase to get fit and have fun. 

To find out more about The Big Dance Pledge visit or to find out how you can make your first foray into dance visit