Edinburgh's Biggest Taxi Fleet

Comprising 465 wheelchair accessible vehicles, our fleet is made up of 5 and 6-seater hackney taxis,  comprised of: LTC TX, Mercedes and Peugeot vehicles:

Just over 50% of our vehicles are LTC TX taxis. The TX is commonly referred to as a "London Black Cab". It is wheelchair accessible and has a five passenger capacity. It's traditional style is popular with tourists and visitors to Edinburgh. 

Mercedes taxis are larger wheelchair accessible passenger vehicles with space for up to 6 passengers and increased luggage capacity. Mercedes M8, Vito and Viano taxis make up approximately 30% of our entire fleet. 

Our wheelchair accessible Peugeot E7 vehicles can seat up to 6 passengers with capacity for luggage. This type of vehicle makes up just under 20% of our entire fleet.


Security Partitions - All Central Taxis are fitted with a security partition giving privacy and an additional safety to both the driver and passenger.

Edinburgh's Youngest Fleet- Over 80% of Central Taxis’ vehicles are less than five years old, making our vehicles less exposed to breakdown risk.

How to Identify a Central Taxi - Each vehicle in our fleet has uniform signage. Identifying yellow call-sign numbers are affixed to front and rear windscreens. These are preceeded by a 'P' and 2-3 digit call-sign, alongside the company logo.