Central Taxis has been a member of Edinburgh's community for over 45 years

  • Did you know that Central Taxis provides employment to 12% of ALL Edinburgh transport workers? 
  • Did you know that 19% of Edinburgh residents rely on taxis to get them to and from work? 


As a co-operative company, Central Taxis is owned and operated by over 400 members of the local community and responsible for the employment of over 1300 local people - a responsibility that is always at the forefront of our business practice and a statistic that sees us ranking alongside the top 20 employers in the city. We are proud to be locally owned and servicing our local community. 


Scotland's capital is our home and we are passionate about being able to support and contribute to the city that sustains us and allows us to operate our business. The nature of our company structure ensures that we always have the wider community’s interests at heart.


Local Charities

Each year our drivers give up their time and money to support The Edinburgh Taxi Trade’s Kids Outing in aid of sick children. In its 67th year this amazing charitable effort sees Edinburgh's taxi drivers come together to take 250 disadvantaged children in a colourful, extravagant parade through the city streets and on to the seaside for a day out they'll never forget. Armed with water pistols the children and drivers soak spectators as they line the streets in support of the convoy, with special attention paid to anyone in uniform! 


We are dedicated to supporting as many local charities as possible. Charities can be many things to many people; friends and families for those who have none; classrooms for children who need them, places to meet, eat, play and relax and advocates, advisors and carers for people in need.  We offer our time, experience and monetary assistance to many local charities. We encourage and support employees and members of the industry in their own community activities and fundraising efforts, through the provision of time and/or financial contribution.

We are proud to offer our continuing support to great causes including: 


Local communities

Central Taxis is committed to fostering good relations with the community in which we operate. We identify any specific community areas of concern on which our business has an impact. If so, we are willing to work towards integrating these concerns into procedures and working to resolve them.

We want to help build a prosperous Edinburgh and give something back to the community that supports our business. As a company we are an active member of the local community and involve ourselves in activities such as the sponsorship of local schools and community sport leagues, discussions and other community initiatives. We are keen to promote not only our local area but the whole of Edinburgh and not only the interests of our business but the entire trade. Our management committee regularly meet with Edinburgh’s Council’s Services for Communities to discuss the interests of the taxi trade as a whole.

We are proud members of: 

We are always working towards an outstanding transport network for Edinburgh and working in partnership with other transport providers to achieve this on behalf of our customers.