Pokécab – The Pokémon Go Taxi Tour

22 July 2016

Central Taxis is proud to introduce Edinburgh’s Pokémon Go Taxi Tour! We have discovered a City Centre route that will ensure Pokémon enthusiasts can capture at least 50 Pokémon Stops plus other collectables in about 20 minutes journey time; as well as enjoying a short tour of the city.

Up to 6 passengers can join and collect together for a fixed price of £15 so it is ideal for a group of friends or for parents and carers looking for something a little different to do with the family. Call 0131 229 2468 to book and Central Taxis will arrange to meet you and start your adventure. The ideal starting point is on Waterloo Place just off Princes Street and the tour aims to be a fun and safe way to hunt those Pokemon whether you are flying solo or with your mates, you will have the chance to visit a number of Pokestops around Edinburgh’s landmarks, hatch Pokémon eggs and catch them too. 

Speed is key to catching these pesky Pokémon’s as they may run away before the user has a chance to whip out their Pokeballs. Central Taxis Chairman, Tony Kenmuir said, “Our resident Pokémon hunter, Cameron Herkes (Central’s 18 year old IT apprentice) had suggested potentially having a taxi driver take players around the City to track these creatures around some of the City’s most iconic locations”. Cameron said, “We drove around the City Centre until we found the route where we could capture the most collectables and keep the time to around 20 minutes and the fare around £15 which we thought was about right for a bit of fun and to get ahead in the Pokemon game world.”

Pokémon Go app was recently launched in UK and is causing a frenzy of downloads all over the world. The response has been so overwhelming that Nintendo is having to find ways to boost their server capacity, to ensure they can deal with the increasing number of users. Pokémon Go challenges users to find and catch Pokémon characters in their real live surroundings.

If you are interested in Central’s Taxis Pokemon Go tour please call 0131 229 2468. Gotta Catch ‘em all!